Friday, September 27, 2019

World War II and the Role of Women Research Paper

World War II and the Role of Women - Research Paper Example The businesses and industries of America required labor for their continued functionalities due to which, they recruited women in place of men, as the war required a major contribution from men in order to secure the homeland. According to Marc Miller (1980), â€Å"the war led to a dramatic rise in the number of women working in the United States† (42). Women that previously worked in homes and managed only their homes came out during the war in order to save their country from economic downfall. Ellen J. Babb (1994) informs that women were supported by the government and private sector (43). In fact, they were not only supported but also encouraged to work for their country’s welfare by getting employment in business and industrial sector. Women volunteered for the employment offered by the government and private sector, as their services were acutely required by the state. The lives of women changed as a whole, as because of their work outside their homes, they got recognition and respect, as they never enjoyed before. It was during the war that women were considered as a substitute for men; otherwise, they were regarded as less capable in comparison to men. The jobs offered to the women were temporary and there was a plan to ask the women to go back to their previous household activities when the war was over (Anderson 78). Women were not only required to manage the outside works but also their children, which was there all time job. According to Babb (1994), â€Å"One thing they had to do was find new ways to balance family and work roles† (46). The lives of American woman transformed as previously they were only to manage their homes and children but then, during the war, they were to protect the economy of their country and help it to sustain while their children and their homes were their responsibility as before. They had to do manage many works whether they were home related or work related.  

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