Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Sex trafficking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Sex trafficking - Essay Example Human and sex trafficking are activities that occur almost everywhere; however, the majority do not realize their existence. In most cases, organized criminal syndicates lure the victims in the places where they found themselves, and afterwards provide them with some cheap employment under some threatening working conditions (Watanabe 01). In this way, they are being used to benefit other persons. The victims are usually placed in conspicuous sight where they are being abused in unnoticeable manner. That is, the public will never know that people they interact with are victims of either human trafficking or sex trafficking, but is will not be surprising to find them with bruises, lacerations, and cigarette burn among other marks on their legs, stomachs, and backs. Most of these victims work and sleep in brothel, restaurant, hotels or apartments, and the owner charges them levies for anything deemed he/she deems incorrect; thereby, crippling them and controlling them as they so wish. In most cases, the victims of sex trafficking are unable to escape their captors, since they have been mentally manipulated; they have the fear that if they or their family member or members shall be killed if they escape. Thus, to them escaping has never been an option (Bales 78). It worth stating that, people get too busy with their daily errands, and ever now little of the world around them, and with such busy states of life they can never realize that their some people who genuinely need to be helped, rather being removed from bondage of slavery (Kristof 01). In most instances where sex or human trafficking victims have reclaimed freedom, it is through some individuals who noticed and took an interest on something out of the obvious, then got involve, thereafter... Sex trafficking is usually promoted by high demand for sex, particular from young children. So the sex trafficking often affects the children. The sex trafficking for children seems to be too high that the captors need to keep their baskets full. They full maintain their supply through sex trafficking. As many kids are being trafficked for sex into the United States, is the same way the American kids find their ways out of the united states into other countries as victims of sex trafficking. Notably, the white, American kid is a vital commodity for sex outside the territories of the United States, especially where there is none. Statistically, there are about three hundred American kids who go missing every day, and if the media is not reporting about it, it does not mean it is not occurring. Therefore, the United States’ government with the help of other relevant organizations should help curb human and sex trafficking both into and outside the United States boarders. The United States government should adopt and effectively support the Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crimes. Additionally, the United Nations should effectively implement its protocols that suppress sexual exploitation and forced labor among other modern days forms of slavery. In this manner, the United States’ kids and kids from other continents and nations shall be free from human and sex trafficking.

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