Thursday, July 25, 2019

Final project Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Final project - Assignment Example Likewise, the change is reflected to processes, practices or methods affected by innovative management practices. This complex concept refers to a challenging concept, as balanced scorecard is widely used in corporate organizations, change is a regular feature. It is fundamental that information systems in an organization assumes that the required information is known to the user, ensures that it is acknowledged and received on a consistent basis and is also embedded in the decision making process of the organization. As per the scenario, the development of performance management system for Procter and Gamble must meet these requirements (Sachs 53-64): Procter and Gamble is seeking to construct an effective and proficient performance management system that will adhere to organization objectives into visible and measurable targets demonstrating success that is also shared among the organization’s customers and stake holders. ... 981-993) i.e. Financial, Customer, Internal Business Processes and Learning and Growth. 1.1 Financial Perspective The financial perspective of the balanced score card varies for Government organizations and private organizations. As the business objectives for the private sector are generic and exemplify transparent extensive targets associated with profit based organizations operational in the commercial marketplace. In contrast, considerations for financial aspects of public limited organizations play a limited role, as financial goals are rare for being a primary objective for businesses. The Information Technology department of Procter and Gamble will incorporate financial perspective of the balanced scorecard for measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of critical information technology processes to meet business requirements within an allocated budget. By effectively monitoring key process indicators, Return on Investment (ROI) can be calculated and augmented as well. The in crease in ROI will definitely show a positive intent of the stakeholders. 1.2 Customer Perspective The customer’s perspective of the balance scorecard will evaluate the ability of the IT department for contribution in providing quality goods and services, supply chain effectiveness and satisfaction for overall customer service. KPI for monitoring Supply Chain Management (SCM) will focus on activities and processes involved in product delivery and storage. If an effective IT based SCM is operational, customers will be satisfied, as goods will be delivered on time and will have 100% availability in stores and supermarkets, even in online stores. 1.3 Internal

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