Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Late payment/collections

Dear Sir/Madam, I found my credit rating to be really poor because of a few late payments and collections that happened on my accounts. Even though there were a few mistakes and over sights from my side, most of the recent late payments were due to technical difficulties faced by the concerned banks. I made payment arrangements for $3869 to clear the account with Citi Financial retail. But the payment was delayed since the concerned department could not locate my account in their system.I faced problems with payments to WEB Bank and Qwest, since I was out of town. However I had an arrangement to pay $100 per month to WEB Bank and settle the remaining amount by January 2011. I was never intimated by Qwest regarding any outstanding amount whatsoever despite updating them about the change of address. I am ready to settle with Telenational Communications, although I never maintained an account with them.I had rented out my house after clearing all the bills with Colorado Springs Utilitie s till July 2010. The outstanding amount of $55 was supposed to be settled by the tenant. I have missed few payment deadlines due to oversight. The PAID accounts to THD/CBSD, Colorado Springs Utilities and the credit card accounts with Chase and Service credit Union have been cleared and the recent late payment was in September 2008.The accounts with Service Credit Union, ENT Federal CU, USAA, Military star, Chase Mortgage and Capital One Note Loan have been settled completely and in many cases the payment was late by a couple of days. But the numbers of such instances are few and most of them have occurred during my re-deployment. Since all the above mentioned outstanding has been cleared and considering the circumstances under which many of the incidents happened, I request you to kindly re-evaluate my credit score and update my credit report with the relevant details.

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